‘Spiritual Hunger’: Nick Hall Unearths Historic ‘Renaissance Moments’ That Cut Through Cultural Chaos

'Spiritual Hunger': Nick Hall Unearths Historic 'Renaissance Moments' That Cut Through Cultural Chaos

Evangelist Nick Hall is on a mission to prepare the next generation to share the gospel.

Hall, founder of Pulse, is on the front lines of the digital evangelism explosion, Reach millions From people who have biblical truth through online and in-person events.

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And with countless mass baptisms and historic spiritual moments unfolding across America in recent months, Hall gave an intriguing answer when asked if he thought a revival had begun.

“The question and the conversations that have started over the course of this year — which really started with (flow) Asbury — I think I’ll answer it and take a step back and say, How cool is it that we’re having the conversation, right?” He said. “How wonderful it is when things that are inexplicable happen, and we have to discern: Is this the work of man or the work of God?”

Hall said he is grateful to be “at a time in history” where “moments of revival” and conversations about spiritual rebirth are unfolding.

“I think there is an increase in spiritual activity right now,” Hall said. “I think so much, you could easily call it a revival. I won’t argue with you.”

This “spiritual hunger” comes at a time when culture and society are in disarray, with morals in decline and biblical values ​​no longer widely respected or practiced in the mainstream. However, there seems to be a deeper quest permeating many hearts for something more.

“I think people are fed up with the status quo,” Hall said, noting that this is happening despite the horrors of human trafficking, political dysfunction, and other issues. “And I am grateful that so many people are turning to Jesus.”

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According to Hall, all of this seems to be driving more people toward a “supernatural solution rather than a human solution.” He believes this endeavor will intensify.

“I think these things are going to become more and more frequent,” said Hall. Meanwhile, more chaos will continue to happen.”

To prepare young people for the anarchic culture, Hall and his Pulse team offer an amazing apprenticeship program called the Pulse 100. It’s an effort they started a few years ago, and the third wave is just about to kick off.

“It’s a training program for young missionaries,” Hall explained. “We call it The Pulse 100… We are looking for a hundred people who want to live their lives for Jesus, share the gospel, and reach out to a suffering and lost generation.”

Primarily aimed at participants ages 18-29, Pulse 100 offers a community, training, curriculum, and events over nine months to help arm them in their faith and share the Bible with others.

It is a program for young people from all walks of life.

“We want them to feel sent and sent into this broken world with the light of the gospel,” Hall said.

August 31 is the deadline for submitting applications for participation in Pulse 100; Details on Ministry website.

Hall added, “We want men and women of sound character and faith who preach the truth of the gospel.”

Find out more about Pulse 100 here.

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