New humanoid robots can mimic your expressions, act as ‘buddies’

New humanoid robots can mimic your expressions, act as 'buddies'

The face of a robot capable of imitating human-like expressions is displayed near robotic arms at the annual World Robot Convention at the Beijing Itrong International Exhibition and Convention Center in Beijing, Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2023. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Science fiction is quickly becoming reality as the latest applications of artificial intelligence make robots look more human than ever. The robots were recently seen mimicking the expressions of visitors at the annual World Robotics Congress in Beijing.

Using artificial intelligence and language models, the robots are able to interact with humans in a natural way while displaying corresponding facial expressions.

The robots use dozens of moving electrical units on their robotic faces, which can generate hundreds of lifelike facial expressions that are displayed through the artificial skin, accompanied by arm and hand gestures.

Other robots on show showed how they could replace humans in a variety of jobs such as serving Chinese tea, preparing ice cream cones, and imitating artists by drawing pictures of visitors.

Robots have been presented as offering a range of uses, including manufacturing, surgery, and companionship.

CEO Li Boyang said robotic robots are ideal for roles that require interaction with the public, such as in museums, schools, and “accompanying scenarios.”

There were plenty of robotic dogs too, able to shake hands with showgoers and do a handstand on their front feet.

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