Missionaries reported that Muslims encountered Jesus in dreams “at levels not seen in 1,400 years!”

Missionaries reported that Muslims encountered Jesus in dreams "at levels not seen in 1,400 years!"

Two Assembly of God missionaries share multiple firsthand testimonies of Muslims converting to the Christian faith after meeting Jesus Christ in their dreams.

said James Bradford, lead pastor at Central Society in Springfield, Missouri, and evangelist Dick Brogden Councils of God news That God answers the prayers of Christians who pray for Muslims.

They admit that any Muslim country is a dangerous place for a Christian, and that there are few opportunities for open proselytizing. But they report Muslims meeting Jesus in their dreams and converting to Christianity at an alarming rate.

“I would say it’s a normal experience,” Brogden said. “It would be accurate to say that Muslims are responding to Jesus at levels not seen before, not 1400 years ago!”

He continued, “Dreams contribute to revelation (as in assurance), to the process of evangelism, and to conversion.” “Many Muslims reject Islam but know that following Jesus will cost them everything. Dreams of Jesus encourage them along the way and give them the comfort that Jesus will be with them – even though it costs them everything to follow.”

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Bradford stated that he was in an Islamic country meeting with church leaders from several Muslim countries. One leader shared the testimony of a woman who had a dream where she saw Jesus.

“A woman left the Islamic faith, but she was full of hatred and suspicion towards Christians. She didn’t know what to do – she asked God for help,” he explained. And one night she had a dream where she saw a shepherd walking around an empty tomb with a staff, and the shepherd went around it several times, then he went straight to the woman, and in his hands was a loaf of bread, which he broke and gave to her, and said: Take and eat, this is my body.

So he proceeded to the share of that woman, whom he knew nothing about BibleI woke up and called someone I knew was Christian.

Bradford said, “He showed her in the Bible the place where Jesus said those very words. The woman accepted Jesus as her Savior, and continues to serve Him to this day.”

Brogden told a story that illustrated the lengths to which God would go to show His love for people. He pointed out that a Saudi woman dreamed of going to heaven, but she was afraid that Satan had deceived her.

Brogden recounted, “I prayed, ‘Jesus, if You are the true God, I want to see You.'”

Later, while she was grazing her sheep in the desert, she came across a pool of water. She bent down to drink, looked at the water and saw in the reflection a huge man standing behind her. He was holding a shepherd’s staff and was smiling. And I looked again in the water, and there was this huge shepherd.”

Brogden said the woman was terrified and ran to the home of her sister, who was a believer, and told her that Jesus was “proving that he is God.”

Still skeptical, this Saudi woman asked God for another proof. Her mother was crippled, chained to her chair, unable to walk. I prayed: “Jesus, if you are a true and true God, heal my mother and let her stand and walk!” Immediately her mother got up and started walking around, and the sister raised her hands in resignation and cried out: “Jesus, I believe, I believe!”

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Bradford and Brogden encourage believers to continue praying because many Muslims still need to meet Christ.

“More people are not being reached now than in the history of the world,” Brogden said. “In 1982, there were 2.5 billion people in the world classified as ‘missing’ with 1.5 billion classified as unreached. In 2022, the world population will reach 8 billion, with 6 billion classified as ‘lost’ and 3.15 billion as unreached.”

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