Luis Rubiales: The Spanish Football Federation will take legal action over Jennifer Hermoso’s “lies”.

Luis Rubiales: The Spanish Football Federation will take legal action over Jennifer Hermoso's "lies".

The Spanish Football Federation said it would take legal action over Gini Hermoso’s remarks about its president, Luis Rubiales.

Hermoso said on Friday and did not agree, However, the union questioned her version of events.

“The evidence is overwhelming,” she said. “Mr. President did not lie.”

In a statement from the players’ union Futpro, which represents the 33-year-old Hermoso, she was quoted as saying “in no way did I seek to raise (raise) the president” as they embraced on the podium.

The RFEF said: “The RFEF and Mr. President will bring to light all falsehoods spread by someone on behalf of the player, or, if possible, by the player herself.”

“The Spanish Football Federation and the President, given the seriousness of the content of the press release issued by Futpro, will initiate appropriate legal action.”

The federation also said that if the players are selected, they are “committed” to playing for the national team, after 81 players said they would not represent Spain until Rubiales was sacked.

Real Betis striker Borja Iglesias has also said he will not play for the men’s national team again while Rubiales is in charge.

In its statement, the RFEF provided four images of Hermoso embracing Rubiales, with an analysis of each, which it claims shows she used force to lift Rubiales’ feet off the ground.

The federation says it has tried to contact Hermoso, Spain’s top scorer for women with 51 goals from 101 games, but “has not been successful at all times”.

How did the situation come to this point?

Rubiales’ behavior in the Women’s World Cup final drew international criticism, with government ministers calling for his resignation.

The 46-year-old watched as Spain beat England 1-0 from the VIP area at Stadium Australia in Sydney.

As he celebrated at the final whistle, he grabbed his penis, and Spain’s Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter were standing nearby.

Then came the kiss with Hermoso, who plays for his Mexican club Pachuca, during the presentation ceremony.

She initially said on Instagram that she “didn’t like” Rubiales’ actions but a statement later issued on her behalf defended him.

Rubiales apologized for the kiss on Monday but the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez said it was “not enough”. Second Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz joined those calling for her resignation.

Hermoso said on Wednesday that Footpro will “defend my interests,” the federation said of the kiss It should not go unpunished.

FIFA said on Thursday it had done so Open disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales The Spanish Football Federation called an extraordinary general meeting on Friday, at which Rubiales was expected to resign – but insisted he would not.

Although he apologized for grabbing his genitals, he vowed to “fight to the end” and said the kiss was “mutual, exhilarating and consensual”.

later the Spanish government Legal proceedings have begun Seeking to stop Rubiales, before Hermoso and Futpro’s statements on social media led to the final response from the Spanish Football Federation.

Luis Rubiales hugs Jenny Hermoso after Spain won the Women's World Cup
The Spanish Football Federation provided an analysis of four images and concluded that “the Mr. President’s feet were apparently lifted off the ground as a result of the player’s actions”.

“His ego is greater than his dignity” – reaction

Rubiales’ defiant stance drew widespread condemnation, while a senior official of the Spanish Football Federation said he had resigned from his post.

Vice-President Rafael Del Amo said: “I submitted my resignation after I saw that Luis Rubiales continues to lead the Spanish Federation.”

He added, “I owe a lot of things to Lewis, but what happened in the final is unacceptable.”

Beatrice Alvarez“His ego is greater than his dignity and honour,” said the president of the Spanish women’s football league.

“I think more people will join the team, but due to Luis Rubiales’ lack of determination, other people are starting to speak out.”

During Saturday’s game between the Orlando Pride and the San Diego Wave in the US Women’s National Soccer League, all players wore wristbands with the message “Contigo Genie” (With you Jeannie).

Among them was the USA striker Alex MorganWho said on Friday: “I am disgusted by Luis Rubiales’ public actions. I stand with Jenny Hermoso and the Spanish players.

“Winning the World Cup should be one of the best moments in these players’ lives, but instead it’s overshadowed by abuse, misogyny and the failures of the RFEF,” he added.

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