Jenny Hermoso “didn’t agree” to Luis Rubiales’ kiss while Spain’s players refuse to play

Jenny Hermoso "didn't agree" to Luis Rubiales' kiss while Spain's players refuse to play

Jenny Hermoso said she did not agree to be accepted by the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, as 81 players confirmed they would not play for the Spanish national team until he was sacked.

Rubiales refused to resign after kissing striker Hermoso on the lips following Spain’s Women’s World Cup final victory over England in Sydney.

The Spanish government initiated legal proceedings It seeks to ban the 46-year-old, while FIFA has also launched disciplinary action.

It was widely expected that Rubiales would resign during the Extraordinary General Assembly called by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, but he said instead, “I do not deserve this chase.”

He added, “It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual, exhilarating and consensual. That’s the key. Is a consensual ‘click’ enough to get me out of here?”

But a statement from the players’ union Futpro included quotes from Pachuca’s Hermoso, saying: “I want to make it clear that at no time did I agree to the kiss. I do not tolerate my words being questioned, let alone my words.” It was invented that I didn’t say.”

The statement was signed by a group of players, including all 23 members of the squad that just won the World Cup.

It read: “After all that happened during the delivery of the Women’s World Cup medals, we would like to make it clear that all of the players who signed this letter will not return to the national team call-up if the current leaders continue.”

Spain’s next match will be against Sweden in the European Nations League on September 22.

Borja Iglesias, who plays for Real Betis, said earlier on Friday that he would not play for the men’s national team again while Rubiales was in charge.

Spanish Sports Minister Victor Francos said earlier on Friday that the Spanish government would ask Rubiales to explain his position to a Spanish court as soon as possible.

If the administrative court finds that he has violated the Professional Sports Code, he may be suspended.

Meanwhile, FIFA will consider whether his actions constitute a breach of Article 13 of its Disciplinary Code, relating to offensive conduct and fair play.

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