Is it too late for America? Defender offers blueprint to ‘turn things around’

Is it too late for America?  Defender offers blueprint to 'turn things around'

Christian apologist Alex McFarland believes that much of the chaos currently unfolding in culture today results from centuries of thinkers aiming for biblical truth.

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“The past 223 years can be summed up in the following ways: German liberalism attacked the Bible,” McFarland told CBN’s Faithwire. Friedrich Schleiermacher said that God is not the communicator. Charles Darwin said in 1859 that God is not the Creator.

By the 1920s, he said, “postmodern” had emerged as a word, with the concept growing over time. As other thinkers and ideologies joined the fold, the culture gradually evolved.

“We’ve seen this incremental change,” McFarland said. “If God is not the author of the Bible, if the Bible is not a word of God – if God is not the Creator, then God is not the basis of moral truth, then we live in a world of meaninglessness and nihilism.”

Watch McFarland explain why he believes America has reached its current spiritual ideal:

Under this ideal, the advocate said, people live with a false purpose in which they have decided to simply be who they choose to be — a slippery slope, to say the least.

“We got here not because there has been sin and sinners, but there has always been sin and sinners,” McFarland said. “But God has placed two wonderful entities in the world to ward off darkness. That is the family and the church. We came here because of the family’s disintegration and because of the silence of the church.”

Despite the dire state of cultural affairs, McFarland said he believed it was not too late to “turn things around” and encouraged Christians to be active in helping to set things right.

“We can turn things around,” he added. “God can and should use us.” But we have to be vigilant for the truth and courageous in declaring it.”

McFarland has also addressed artificial intelligence, the transgender movement, and other contemporary cultural issues. Watch the interview for the full dialogue.

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