‘I love this shirt’: Texas Rangers rookie point guard Jesus during Week 1 in MLB

'I love this shirt': Texas Rangers rookie point guard Jesus during Week 1 in MLB

Major League Baseball newcomer Evan Carter is using his platform to point people to Jesus.

The Texas Rangers rookie outfielder had a successful five days. In fact, he’s already hit his first home run in the major leagues. But that’s not the only reason he attracted attention.

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Carter, 21, wore a T-shirt earlier this month that boldly declared his faith. The phrase “Jesus Won” was printed in red and white on the blue jersey that the young athlete was wearing during warm-ups.

The outfielder’s manager, Bruce Bochy, praised Carter for his personality on the field.

“We said, even going back to spring training, that patience and discipline that he had, at that time, as a 20-year-old, that’s not something that happens automatically.” he recently told the Dallas Morning News. “He’s worked on it. That’s what he does all the time. He tries to shrink the strike zone and make pitchers come to him. He doesn’t panic on two strikes. He just gives you quality at-bats. He’s advanced for his age. That’s why he’s here.”

Boushie also praised Carter during this Interview on 105.3 The PropellerHe credited the newbie for his cheerful spirit.

“It’s not worth doing if you’re not having fun,” Carter said in response. “It’s definitely — it’s the job I chose, so you better love it. I do. I love the game and I love playing, and I love competing, so, it’s really fun for me.”

Listen to Carter’s full interview below:

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