‘God planted the seed’: TikTok star talks about ‘divine’ Israeli docuseries reaching Gen Z

'God planted the seed': TikTok star talks about 'divine' Israeli docuseries reaching Gen Z

TikTok star Allie Schnacki, one of the influencers in a new social media docu-series about Israel, described her recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land as the product of “divine intervention.”

Schnake, 23, recently told CBN’s Faithwire that going to Israel has been a long-time dream of hers. But after years of failed attempts to travel there, the trip did not actually materialize until 2023. She said she can now see God’s providence in coordinating the timing.

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The opportunity came after Bishop Robert Stearns, of Eagles’ Wings, an organization dedicated to promoting peace and stability in Jerusalem, visited the Schnackys’ church and connected them with SoulShop Studios CEO Dan Luxenberg, who wanted to film a social media-driven documentary, “Walking In the word” about Israel.

“I remember getting my first phone call with Dan…and we started a slew of different meetings to think about how we could tell the world and, more specifically, our generation about what was going on out there,” Schnake said, pointing there. It was “nothing that meets the need of our generation” online.

“So when we reached out to Dan and he thought about this series where we could go out there and find new archaeological finds or stand in the place where these biblical stories happened, it was the most incredible opportunity of my entire life and I’m so happy about that,” she continued. “So, I “We are very excited to release this series, because it meets this need for the first time ever.”

Both Luxenberg and Schnackys’ primary motivation for the docuseries was a desire to be wise stewards of the platforms they developed. Schnacky, for example, has four million followers on TikTok.

Luxenberg said he hopes this new series about the Holy Land — about social media stars — will reach a younger generation in ways that traditional documentaries and interviews about Israel may not.

“I’m so happy for that kid on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram who will look up something about Israel and not be so bored but will be inspired and laugh and cry and continue to immerse themselves in Schnacky’s world and feel a deeper connection,” he explained. “So when they open their Bible, it’s not the faraway land of Israel, but it’s a place you can literally go online and book a flight.”

The Bible calls believers to be wise in what they have been given.

As each one received a gift, with which to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s manifold grace.

– 1 Peter 4:10 (ESV)

Schnake said she and her family have made it a goal to use their platforms to reach people with the gospel.

“Anything that does not have eternal value is meaningless to us,” she said. “We can’t bring anything with us when we die; The only thing we leave behind is the legacy God gave our family that we will bring with us to Heaven. Thats all about it.”

“Everything we built with our own strength, too, we saw collapsing,” Schnake continued. “I’ve tried to do it on my own. I’ve tried to do things with my own power. You look at all these stars around the world who are trying to do things with their own power and they can’t stand it. Jesus, God, this is the only foundation you can build.” “It makes things last — not just in this life, but for the life after that. That’s what really motivates us to root (what we do) in something bigger. We want something that’s going to make an impact.”

The “Walking the Word” documentary series will premiere September 6-10 on Schnackys’ social media pages.

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