Despite personal losses, Operation Baraka volunteers reach remote Moroccan villages with help and hope

Despite personal losses, Operation Baraka volunteers reach remote Moroccan villages with help and hope

Tigntaft, Morocco – The worst earthquake in more than 100 years has devastated areas of Morocco and killed more than 3,000 people.

Many remote areas are extremely difficult to reach, but Operation Blessing has made the perilous journey to help those in need.

Many roads leading to villages in the mountains of Morocco remained impassable for days. The Baraka Operation team’s convoy was forced to stop at times, so that heavy machinery could clear the roads, facing the risk of potential rockslides at any moment.

As we approached the epicenter, we saw increasing devastation and thousands of people living in tents on the side of the road. When we arrived at the village itself, we saw a bird’s eye view of the extent of the destruction.

After a five-hour drive, one flat tire, and several stops along the way due to rockslides, the Operation Blessing team arrived in the remote village of Takantavit on a mission of mercy to bring hope and help.

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said Diego Traverso of Operation Blessing cbn news, “We are one of the few, the first, you know, to arrive here in the two days of the earthquake. So, we are very happy that we have achieved this. We have made great contacts here to support these villages that have not been reached at this point; we are preparing Vital supplies – food, water, solar lamps – and there is no electricity here. We are here because we can show the love of Christ, first of all, you know.

We arrived at one of the thousands of buildings destroyed or damaged by the earthquake. Devastation was everywhere, and this devastation was personal for the Operation Blessing crew because the brother of an OB volunteer died there.

Volunteer Rachid Ait Hussein inspected the house where his brother died.

“This is where he died, and we are really sad; “The only thing he left behind were his sandals,” he told us. “And we see, like in the village, people have nothing, and everything is destroyed; and you see people coming together and helping each other in these villages. Not only my brother died. Many other people in the village also died.”

In all, 47 people died in the village, including a pregnant woman.

Another Operation Baraka volunteer, Yassin Al-Munir, poured his heart into this work. “This is what God has put on our hearts — just to go and help these people. And then, to meet you and work together, it’s just a blessing for us, to have you here with us.”

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“I want to thank Rachid for opening his village and home, so we can come and help you guys,” Traverso told the team. “We are with him and your families in this difficult time of grief.”

Even in the midst of his loss, Rasheed said, “I love being a part of Operation Baraka because God put it on my heart to help these people.”

This assistance became possible thanks to them Support Operation Blessing.

Al-Munir agreed with Rashid. “First, I really thank you, God bless you guys, and we’re really happy to have you with us, so we need you right now,” he said.

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