Are aliens real? Do UFOs exist? An astrophysicist reveals why these “terrifying” things are not what they seem

Are aliens real?  Do UFOs exist?  An astrophysicist reveals why these "terrifying" things are not what they seem

Are aliens real? Do UFOs really exist? These questions, once confined to the confines of conspiratorial institutions, are now being legitimately debated among some scholars and academics—and even in the halls of Congress.

It’s an issue Dr. Hugh Rossastrophysicist and advocate, has long researched and explored.

“I became an expert on UFOs, but not on purpose,” he said recently.Billy Hallowell is playing with fire. “I was an amateur astronomer before I became a professional astronomer.”

Ross eventually finds himself dealing with reports of UFOs at universities, exploring claims people have made about aliens and unknown phenomena. And he came to some pretty cool conclusions.

“About 99% of what people will report to me as UFOs, I can explain as natural phenomena, hoaxes, or secret government military activity,” said Ross. “But there is a remaining 1% that falls into a different category, and that would be a UFO phenomenon.”

Listen to Ross explain the nature of these alien encounters and what he observed:

He said these reports violated physics, but there was purported evidence to suggest they were “real phenomena”. Ross said that many scientists would not seriously consider these claims, because they are not open to the possibility of “immaterial reality”.

“But, as a Christian, and as a believer in the infallibility of the Bible,” she said, “I believe in the existence of an immaterial reality.” “Because the Bible tells us that God created two different types of intelligent life — one that is limited by the physics of the universe, and one that is not.”

With humans in the physical realm and angels in the spiritual, Ross said new possibilities arise when understanding the claims of alien life and UFOs.

Rather than literal aliens, Ross believes that alien encounters are actually spiritual manifestations.

Citing details from claims of space crashes, landings, and supposed extraterrestrial encounters, the scientist said no debris or artifacts were left behind — a fact he found remarkable.

“If it’s a physical vehicle that hits the Earth, you’ll be able to recover some of the debris and artifacts,” he said. “But the fact that you see a crater, melted snow, and damaged vegetation means it’s a real thing.”

As for the human reaction to these encounters, Ross also notes that they are “never helpful” and interactions are “always harmful”.

“The best thing you will survive in one of these encounters is the recurrence of terrifying nightmares,” he said. Worst case scenario, you will be killed.

He said that reports of alien encounters also reflect what some have experienced during allegations of demonic activity. From going into trances to engaging in automatic writing, Ross believes the parallels between possession and alleged interactions with aliens cannot be ignored.

The scientist also raised another issue: his belief that people in the occult are more likely to experience encounters with aliens. In fact, he said, states with a “high rate of occult involvement” will also see a much higher rate of allegations of alien and UFO encounters.

“What you notice in these close encounters,” he said, “is that it is experienced exclusively by people who have a great deal of occultism.” “And when you remove that mystery factor, that’s the end of the UFO encounters.”

Ross continued, “You increase the degree of occultism, you increase the frequency of these encounters with UFOs.”

As a scholar and Christian, he has said he wants to see people “close the doors” that allow such experiences and disconnect from practices that could open pathways to what he believes are inherently demonic.

“These fallen angels can take any form they choose,” he said. “They can appear as your dead grandfather. They can appear as a flying saucer. They can appear as a leprechaun. That is why he tells us in 1 John, ‘You test spirits.’ Don’t believe every supernatural being that approaches you – put them to the test.”

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Ross’s comments come as the United States and other countries become increasingly interested in the possibility of alien life. The conversation, of course, is nothing new. In 2008, Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, then head of the Vatican Observatory, He said He saw no conflict between belief in aliens and the Bible.

It is said, “How can we rule out that life may have evolved elsewhere?” He said on time. “Just as there are many creatures on Earth, there can be other, even intelligent, creatures created by God. This does not contradict our faith because we cannot place restrictions on God’s freedom of creation.

And in 2021, there it was a report that NASA has been engaging religious leaders to discern how believers respond to the presence of extraterrestrials.

Recently, I gained the case popularity After congressional testimony alleging that the United States has a secret program to capture and investigate UFOs, something the US government has denied.

But with all this concern, people like Ross take a different view: that the matters before us are of a spiritual nature and should be dealt with as such.

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