A poll reveals that Brazilian youth overwhelmingly embrace Christ

A poll reveals that Brazilian youth overwhelmingly embrace Christ

A new survey shows that thousands of teens in Latin America are adhering to Christianity, engaging in the Bible, and learning more about Jesus.

His recent research Barna Group He reveals that Latin America is the home of a “digitally connected and enabled generation” that actively engages with the church and learns more about Jesus Christ.

Last year, Barna surveyed more than 24,000 teens in 26 countries and compiled that data into its report. open generation survey.

The goal of the international study is to help church leaders understand how to reach teens.

According to Barna, the “extroverted generation” admires Jesus because of his compassion, forgiveness, and concern for others. They also care about justice and take part in reading the Bible.

In particular, young people in Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, and Colombia showed an increased awareness of Christ and the Bible.

About 74% of Brazilian Christian teens said they believe Jesus offers people hope. Meanwhile, 60% said it makes a real difference in today’s world, and 70% believe Jesus will return one day.

Just over half (55%) of Brazilian adolescents believe that Jesus is God in human form.

“My friends say that I am kinder and happier after becoming a Christian, and that they can see God in my life,” said 14-year-old Lavinia Fernandez. Christianity today.

According to the EconomistEvangelical Christianity is growing rapidly in the region and could soon replace Catholicism by 2030.

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International speaker and evangelist Christine Kane says she has had the privilege of organizing youth gatherings around the world and says that teens all over the world are looking for a real, authentic relationship with Jesus.

There is desperation. A feeling that “our world is spinning out of control and we need something bigger than ourselves to step into this.” We do not want religion, and we do not want culture wars. We want a radical confrontation with a living God who will make a difference in my daily life,” she said. children.

The Global Gospel Alliance is a service focused on bringing the Good News to young people in Brazil.

“Hundreds of students heard the gospel in 10 different school outreach campaigns in Manacapuru. In each campaign, we share the gospel, inviting the students to give their lives to Jesus, and to pray for them,” they read. website.

After serving in Manacapuru, Brazil, evangelist Rubens Cunha wrote: “I consider it a great privilege to be able to reach children and adolescents in public schools in Brazil. Young people are thirsty for Christ and we must do all we can to reach this.” generation.”

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