A Christian nurse forgives her Haitian captors in a newly released video

A Christian nurse forgives her Haitian captors in a newly released video

An American Christian nurse was recently released from her captors in Haiti I released a new video forgive them.

Alex Dorsinville said in French: “Thank you so much to everyone who was praying for me. And to everyone who stood up and walked for my freedom, thank you so much.”

Speaking to her former captors, she said, “To the gangsters, I have a message for you. I want you guys to know that everything I said during my time in captivity was true. It wasn’t manipulative words of someone desperate to escape.” But simply the truth.”

“Especially when I told you that the doors of my clinic are always open for you or anyone in need,” Dorsinfel continued. “When you are sick or wounded without any problem. I understand now why this does not seem like a possibility to you guys, but if it were up to me, I would take care of you without any prejudice and receive you with warm arms.”

“I want you to know that I hold no grudge against you in my heart,” she said.

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Dorsinville and her daughter were kidnapped on 27 July from a Christian school near Port-au-Prince and held for 13 days by a group of armed men. She was engaged in the non-profit Christian ministry Haitian Alroy.

She is the wife of the Director of the Ministry, Sandro Dorsinville, and the child is their daughter.

After Dorsinville’s kidnapping was announced, hundreds of Haitians took to the streets to protest the kidnapping. The demonstrators, mostly from the area around the University of Haiti’s El Roy campus, which includes a medical clinic, a school and more, echoed that call as they walked through the sweltering streets carrying cardboard signs written in red Creole.

One of the signs read: “She is doing a good job in the community, release her.”

The US State Department issued a “do not travel” warning to the nation and ordered non-essential personnel to leave on the same day as the Dorsinville abduction.

As reported by CBN News, Dorsinfel and her daughter were released on August 8. The circumstances of their release remain unclear. The Haitian Roy confirmed their safe return, saying in a statement: “Today we thank God for answering prayers.”

Haiti has been increasingly plagued by guerrilla warfare since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021. The killing has exacerbated criminal control of Haiti, with innocent people regularly being murdered, raped or held for ransom.

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