A Christian American nurse and her daughter are finally freed after being kidnapped in Haiti

A Christian American nurse and her daughter are finally freed after being kidnapped in Haiti

US nurse Alex Dorsinville and her daughter, who were kidnapped in Haiti nearly two weeks ago, have been released, according to a statement from the nonprofit Christian ministry El Roy Haiti.

“It is with a heart of gratitude and great joy that we confirm in El Roy Haiti the safe release of our employee and friend Alex Dorsinville and her child who were taken hostage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Today, we anthem God’s answered prayer.” The statement said.

The ministry asked that no one contact Dorsinville or her daughter because there is a lot to “treat and heal in this situation,” but promised to share an update.

It’s been 13 days since Dorsinville and her daughter were kidnapped by armed men.

As reported by CBN News, witnesses reported seeing Dorsinville working in a small brick clinic on the ministry’s campus in Port-au-Prince when armed men abducted her on July 27.

Their kidnappers demanded a $1 million ransom.

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After the announcement of the Dorsinville kidnapping, hundreds of Haitians took to the streets to protest the kidnapping. The protesters, mostly from the area around the El Roy Haiti campus, which includes a medical clinic, school and more, echoed that call as they walked through sweltering streets holding cardboard signs written in red Creole.

One sign stated “She’s doing good in the community, set her free.”

The US State Department had issued a “do not travel” warning to the nation and ordered non-emergency personnel to leave on the same day as the Dorsinville abduction.

More than 165,000 Haitians have fled their homes amid rising gang violence. Several thousand people – with their faces covered to disguise their identities – marched through the Haitian capital on Monday, calling for protection from violent gangs ransacking neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince and beyond.

Guerrilla warfare has increasingly engulfed Haiti since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021. The killing has exacerbated criminal control of Haiti, as innocent people are regularly killed, raped or held for ransom.

It has been a “very difficult time” for the ministry, but they thank everyone for their prayers.

“We thank everyone who has joined us in prayer and supported us during this crisis,” the statement read. “El Roy” is a Hebrew name for the God of the Bible and means “the God who sees.” And with that vision we now lean on God’s truth, ‘In His kindness, God has called you to share in His eternal glory by Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little, He will restore you, sustain you, sustain you. Strengthen you and lay you on a solid foundation’ (1 Peter 5:10)”.

“We thank God that he has proven to be faithful as he restores, supports, and strengthens Alex and her family, El Roy’s Haitian Ministry, and the community that Alex has impacted — and continues to impact — with her service in Haiti,” she continued.

Dorsinville is married to Sandro Dorsinville, founder of El Roy Haiti, and the child is their daughter.

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